Month: September 2018

Green-your-business. Sustainability Consultant

Greening Your Business – Your Sustainability Consultant

You need a Sustainability Consultant

Making your business eco-friendly and sustainable, benefits the environment, saves you money and drives customers. I am an avid nature enthusiast. We have been practicing zero waste for years now. I can be a sustainability consultant for your business. There are great ways to make your business greener.

Consumer awareness about the environmental impact has never been widespread like this before. Therefore, they are willing to pay more for products and services from sustainable and eco-friendly companies.

Thereby, partnering with me, you can scale back on waste, reduce carbon footprint, promote your business as eco-friendly, and drive more customers.

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Tech Consultancy - Choosing the right tools & technology for your business,

Tech Consultancy – Choose the right technology for your business

With over a decade of leadership experience in IT systems and services, laser-focused on e-commerce, retail, supply chain & logistics and up to date with the latest technology trends, I have so much to offer for your business. Being an architect myself, I have designed 100s of cloud systems and infrastructure to scale the business by millions.

  • Have trouble choosing the right CRM?
  • What are the affordable/free marketing tools?
  • How to digitize my retail business?
  • Do I need an IOS/Android App, who can help me?
  • Should I go for a UI/UX developer, to build my website/product?
  • Where should I host my server, Is cloud safe?

Technology is my forte, and I can help you identify the right tools for your business that would reduce your cost, improve your sales and saves time thru automation.
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Information Technology is at the core of how you do your business

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Branding for your business

Brand Identity – Branding your business

What is Brand Identity?

Every business needs a brand identity. I have had the privilege to work and consult for billion-dollar companies as well as many small-scale startups. Without a brand, your business can never grow. Many startups and small business ignore branding and tend to focus on operations and sales. No wonder why 90% of the start-ups crumble within the first year and sometimes in just a few months. As a matter of fact, branding is more than logos and taglines. It is an emotional connection between you and your customer. In this article, I will walk you through the 3 key processes involved in defining your brand identity.

Brand Discovery

In simple words, discovery is all about answering the question “Why does your brand exist?” Let’s ask the same question again with a twist. WHY does Microsoft exist? Of course, its mission was to place a PC in every home. But that is “WHAT” Microsoft does, it’s not the “WHY”. Bill Gates wanted to Empower people and organizations all over the planet to achieve more productivity. It’s not about the technology, it’s about people and what they can do with their technology. And that is the “WHY” fact that made Microsoft one of the leading companies today. To answer the “WHY” you need to understand your target market, strengths and unique selling propositions. Let us go thru some of the key aspects of discovery.

Brand Story – Why you do what you do?

Brand Story is about you, why you do what you do. The goal is to connect with your customers who can relate to or have experienced your story. Our brains are hardwired to stories, hence a lead to trust, comprehension, and receptivity. “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell.” ~Seth Godin Founder of the eyewear retailer Warby Parker says he lost his glasses on a backpacking trip and couldn’t afford to replace them as a grad student as they were expensive. That drove him to upstart a company to tackle the problem of expensive eyewear. Airbnb has challenged the hotel industry to create a marketplace in which homeowners can list their property for consumers to discover, and book unique accommodations for unique travel experiences.

Brand Strategy/Positioning- What are your short-term & long-term goals?

You need to set strategic goals, focusing on a defined market. Once you figure out that then you can focus on the message. For Instance, LLBean products focus on family outdoor enthusiast. For those who don’t know, LLBean is a Maine based retailer specialized in outdoor apparels and equipment. If you observer they ads, posters and images, there will always be a group of happy people. That is their message, “Made for the shared joy of outdoors”.

Brand Voice/Tone – How you talk and interact with your audience?

Every brand has a personality, it can be lively, positive, cynical, or professional. Cultivate a voice that delights your customers. Target, for example, is upbeat, celebratory and friendly. Louis Vuitton brand voice is elegant, glamorous traditional. Brand Experience – What does your customer feel about your company? This is the future of marketing, designing a sensory experience for your customers. Starbucks is no longer just a coffee shop. It’s now almost a third place after home and work. They offer a sense of warmth where people make connections, hold business meetings. Wholefoods, on the other hand, stacked with loads of local goods, gives you a local neighborhood experience. You see local countryside towns listed all around you.

Brand Design – How you look and perform?

Statistics say that over 65% of us are visual learners. Use the power of visuals to convince your audience. With the brand strategy, you arrived at in the discovery phase, its time to put the strategy to work. It’s not all about choosing a logo or a punchline. it’s much more than that, it’s your companies identity. It involves a process where you choose how your convert your brand positioning to design. Starbucks, for instance, has a recognizable logo, has a clean design representing quality. Their green color brings a soft, cozy and comfortable environment. Their store design is traditional that reflects a place where people meet, connect and friends gather. Carry your brand design across all your channels like brick & motor store, E-Commerce, Posters, Advertisements and even with the employees and customers.

Brand Marketing – How you sell your brand?

Discovers avenues & channels for your brand to perform. Frame the most efficient distribution strategy for a content to hustle. Give your brand a wider stage to play leads and amplify the message. No matter how good your product is or how amazing your visuals are if they don’t reach the right audience, your product will not succeed. Market your product in the channels where your audiences are. It’s critical to reach the customers who believe in what you believe and what your brand stands for.
Think Like a Kid

“Think like a Kid” – The Power of WHY

Think Like a Kid

How often have you come across kids asking the questions that start with a why? Why is the moon white? why should we pay bills? why should I go to school? Why should I do my homework? Kids ask why often because they are learning, improving their cognitive skills. From my memories as a kid, my mom was patient enough to answer every possible question she could, no matter how many times I ask her.

Five Whys

When you are in trouble or trying to solve an issue or learning something new or just curious, remember this: “Think like a kid”. This is a proven fact that most problems get solved if follow the “5 Whys”. 5 Whys is an iterative questioning method used to traverse the cause-and-effect links underlying a specific problem. Imagine this scenario in an IT world,
Q1: Why did the server go down?
A1: The server peaked the CPU usage and crashed.
Q2: Why did the CPU peak so much?
A2: The CPU was not scaled to handle the volume of requests.
Q3: Why was the CPU not scaled?
A3: This amount of users were not expected
Q4: Why did the number of users exceed our expectation?
A4: We were listed in the Forbes 500 for the best workplace.
Q5: Why did we not know that before?
A5: The Brand team did not communicate that we were selected by Forbes.

In 70% of the cases, we will have the answer by the 3rd iteration of Why. The “5 whys” method is a powerful tool that can be applied to any principle for that matter.

“Why” is not only used for problem-solving, in fact, its a key branding strategy. If you are running a startup or a small business owner or even a huge corporation, unless you identify why your company exists, you will never succeed. Companies lose their market when they forget to realize why they exist. Nokia is a very good example. They dominated the market by 41% in 2007, not long after Apple introduced their iPhone, Nokia crashed and disappeared into thin air. Nokia had a better camera, better technology and had a better-experienced team than Apple, still they failed to communicate why they existed.

As Simon Sinek said, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Apple’s message was clear, they challenged the status quo, “Think Different”. Anyone who had the same mindset of being different became a fan of Apple and they lived up to the promise.

Earning million dollars a month won’t give you happiness in long term. There are people who have enough wealth to last next 10 decades, still, they go to work every day. They know why they do what they do. if you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing, its time to revisit that question, “Why are you doing what you are doing ?”. No matter what you do, be it a junior associate or an executive or a CEO, if you do not know why you are doing what you are doing, you are not going to be happy. If you are not happy, you are not going to be successful. Many think happiness evolve around success, that’s wrong. it is the other way around. Success revolves around Happiness.

Final Thoughts

A pan seller in a local street of Aurangabad decided to make the best pan in the world, today, after 33 years in service “Tara Pan Center” exports pan even to international destinations like Saudi and Dubai.

Thyrocare CEO Dr. Velumanu did not have Rs. 2 to take a group photo when he was at 11th Grade, today Thyrocare is worth 2000+ Million in INR.

As a young guy, he distributed daily news papers to meet his daily needs, became the president of India in 2002, Dr. APJ Adbul Kalam, knew why he existed. He exhaled his last breath while delivering a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management Shillong on 27 July 2015.

There are infinite success stories to share, but it’s your turn to answer the question, WHY! What motivates you to go to work or run your business every day?