Tech Consultancy – Choose the right technology for your business

Tech Consultancy - Choosing the right tools & technology for your business,

With over a decade of leadership experience in IT systems and services, laser-focused on e-commerce, retail, supply chain & logistics and up to date with the latest technology trends, I have so much to offer for your business. Being an architect myself, I have designed 100s of cloud systems and infrastructure to scale the business by millions.

  • Have trouble choosing the right CRM?
  • What are the affordable/free marketing tools?
  • How to digitize my retail business?
  • Do I need an IOS/Android App, who can help me?
  • Should I go for a UI/UX developer, to build my website/product?
  • Where should I host my server, Is cloud safe?

Technology is my forte, and I can help you identify the right tools for your business that would reduce your cost, improve your sales and saves time thru automation.
[su_quote cite=”Satya Nadella, CEO – Microsoft Corporation”]

Information Technology is at the core of how you do your business

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